This audition is an innitiative of the film production department of Cyclone Digital & Technologies Ltd to promote young but talented Ghanaians who love acting. The 'big fishes' in the industry started with auditions like this. Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo and co are few examples.

Cyclone Films will bring you back - to- back movies that will blow your minds. Interested people should be at the Cyclone Digital And Technologies Ltd. office in Dzorwulu, Vulganizer bus stop - Nii Kwabena Bonnie Street on the 4th and 5th of August 2017 to audition for the upcoming movie. Interested people must be fluent in English Language, smart and good looking and come with two(2) passport pictures.


The upcoming artist will work very hard to compose something standard all in the name of trends for the fear of not gaining recognition. It goes to the extent of recording in big studios just to make songs sound better and mature but when the track is released you will hear some industry players saying the song is a demo. They will sadly use their last penny for promo by paying the mobile and radio dj’s, presenters, bloggers etc. but their songs won’t be played as it is expected. Honestly most of the ‘mainstream’ acts do not produce good songs but receive massive air play.

Mr. Blogger will upload songs and share it to his page ones but you will see him sharing the songs of the mainstream artists who never paid a dime every day. God bless any blogger who adds upcoming artists to his projects. Uploads and promos you do for free will never be forgotten. Mr. dj, presenter and blogger have you thought for ones how these upcoming artists sweat for their money? Have you ever considered the fact that they need help to get to the peak of the music scene in the country. Is it for the fear that you won’t be needed anymore after they gain the recognition? Well, have you tried?

God is watching and remember what goes around comes around. Please if you think the song is not good enough to reach your play list or requirements, kindly say it point blank to the artist rather than taking that money and not playing it on air. Bloggers please promote upcoming artists.

Story by Jennifer Amlade